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Synopsis for Extinction

In the north woods the armies of the Iroquois are moving. Carrying a fearsome new weapon called the gun, they are systematically destroying their rivals. Lead by the sinister and mysterious White Robe, these armies will stop at nothing.

Amid this maelstrom of violence, a young boy watches as the Iroquois destroy his village. Ambushed while fleeing with the remnants of his family, he is wounded and left to die along a riverbank.

Rescued by the Erie warrior Crow Feather, the boy is adopted into a new tribe and new family. Despite this, the two watch helplessly as the forces of White Robe again gather and push their new world towards extinction. Refugees in a world that is falling apart, the warrior and the boy fight White Robe in a thrilling climax to avenge the deaths of their loved ones.

Rich in historical detail, Extinction explores the universal themes of love, loss, death and revenge. Readers will love the action and the heart-stopping battle scenes, and be captivated by the story’s relentless energy and relevance. Extinction is a kindred spirit to The Last of the Mohicans: timely yet timeless, a strong narrative that is stunningly visual.