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How To Buy A House And Not Lose Sex

Buy Sean's Book, How to Buy a House and Not Lose Sex

In the Spring of 2001 I was looking for a house. I was looking online and I saw an ad for real estate school ($300). Since I didn't know anything about real estate or houses I figured it would be money well spent. I took the class and it looked like fun, so I got my real estate license and began this most amazing adventure.

In 2005 I got my brokers license, helped run the company I was with for a few years, and then in 2009 I, along with my two partners, opened our own company, St. Augustine Team Realty.

As a small startup in the heart of the great recession we needed a web presence. I learned how to build websites, and as part of that I started a company blog called "The St Aug Blog." I cobbled all those posts together, updated them, added a bunch of new stuff (even after the book had been edited ... because the law changed) and, voila!, How To Buy a House and Not Lose Sex was born.

The title comes from my experiences working with first-time buyers, who routinely lowball or otherwise blow their first offer, and upset their spouse or significant other so much they get cut off cold. This really happens.

Here's what you can expect from the book:

UPDATED FOR 2015: Includes sections on new settlement rules that go into effect August 1, 2015 and could delay the closing on your new home.

The True Insider’s Guide to Buying a House, whether you are a first time buyer, or a fifteenth-time buyer.

I’ve been a real estate agent and broker for over a decade. I saw the boom, I saw the bust, and I’m still here standing.

I am going to tell you everything I learned about buying a house. You are going to know everything I know. You are going to get the absolute insider’s view on buying a house. You will be able to use this information to buy your first home (or your next home), and you are going to get the most home for the money because of it.

I am an excellent real estate broker, and having this book will be like picking my brain. I will tell you what the official line is, and then I’ll tell you how things actually work in the real world.

I have sections about looking online for homes, how to get financing, tips for first-time home buyers, buying new construction, picking a real estate agent, making offers, using Zillow and Trulia, buying foreclosures and short sales, what closing costs are (and how much they are), going through inspections, getting a loan, homeowner and condo associations, how to use real estate apps, how to find and research neighborhoods, if you will get your deposit back if you walk away, and what life is like after closing on a house.

This home buyer’s guide also includes special sections on how much money you need upfront, what a Realtor can do that you can’t do yourself, picking a mover, speedbumps on the road to closing, how to negotiate a backup offer, what to do if the appliances disappear, and even a section on getting the seller to pay your closing costs. Knowing how to do that might be worth the cost of the book right there!

Myths? I’ll shoot them down. Reality? You’ll get a huge dose of it. It will help, trust me.

Now, I know Mom and Dad said, “Never pay full price for anything,” and I know that you haven’t even looked at a house yet and are already planning to offer a price so absurdly low you’ll need a shovel to dig it out.

Know what? You ain’t gonna get that house.

Guess what else? Your significant other is going to be upset almost beyond imagination, and you are going to lose sex over it.

So in this book I promise to tell you how to go low (and when) and when to pony up. And you will get to keep your love life.

A bonus? I bought a new house, and sold another house, as I wrote this. You can be darn sure I practice what I preach.

So if you haven’t purchased this book already, what are you waiting for? Let’s get cracking!


In my role as a real estate Broker I write columns, produce videos, and create award-winning social media content. You can find examples of my work at and at For four years I was a full time journalist. For the last 20 or so I've continued to write part-time (mostly during football season) as a sportswriter for various newspapers. I hold a degree in Journalism from The Ohio State University.

I currently live in St. Augustine, Florida, and am married to a beautiful Geologist. We have two awesome kids. I was even a bike racer once. Life isn't perfect, but you can see it from here.