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Broker and Managing Partner for St. Augustine Team Realty

I am the Broker, Managing Partner and Co-Owner of St. Augustine Team Realty.

My philosopy is pretty simple: get buyers the most home for the money, and sellers the most money for their home. I do this by hiring the best agents in the market...and then I get out of their way!

I started working in the market in 2001 and I am an established expert in St. Augustine and St. Johns County residential real estate. I received my Broker's license in 2005 and worked in the #2 role managing Watson Realty's St. Augustine office. In 2005 I also sold more listings than any other agent for Watson, which was the market leader at the time.

In 2009, with Ron Barry and Kate Stevens, I founded St. Augustine Team Realty (SATR) and took it from start up to profitability in 18 months.

I listen to my customers, my agents, and then I work hard to keep them ahead of the competition. I'll do the same for you too.

Social Media Manager

I embraced social media early on, and I believe so much of St. Augustine Team's early success has to do with it.

I understand intuitively how it can be used for real estate.

For consumers I use it to make what can be a very confusing process (the sale of a home) into something much more transparent and understandable.

For our agents I use social media to build our brand. I tell them my role is to make sure that when they meet with a customer for the first time, the customer already knows who we are and what we stand for.

Additionally, social media leads to faster sales. Our homes have more exposure, simply put, giving buyers and sellers a place to interact more organically.

There are links to our social media sites to your right.

The Three Rules + One

There are three rules at St. Augustine Team Realty. Everything has to be legal, honorable, and ethical. If you do that you will get along just fine.

The "Plus One" rule is: No Drama. Drama is for Broadway. We're an office of professional negotiators and brokers, and we like to keep it that way. If you bring a stage play with you, we'll ask you to take it somewhere else.

Honors and Awards in Real Estate

I was featured in the Jacksonville Business Journal in 2013 for my work in social media with St. Augustine Team. Read the article by clicking here.

These are some of the awards and honors I've received as a Broker:

  • Constant Contact All Star Award for Online Marketing
  • Board of Directors, St. Augustine & St. Johns County Board of Realtors
  • BizRate National Award for Online Marketing
  • FIVE STAR Best in Client Satisfaction Real Estate Agent (Jacksonville Homebuyer Magazine)
  • National Sales Award (The Realty Alliance)