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Strackacobra: Graphic Tees & Mountain Bike Racing

Strackacobra is a graphic design company I created to highlight mountain bike racing.

As Dos Equis' Most Interesting Man In the World might say, "I race to win, but when I crash I prefer they be memorable."

And as a racer I've had many crashes.

After one particularly painful wreck it occured to me that the experience would make a memorable t-shirt.

A few weeks later I completed my first design, "Its not the speed, but the sudden stops."

My most popular design is the "flying squirrel," aka, "Ride smart and preserve your nuts." It's the logo that graces the racing jersey.

Sponsorship: Strackacobra Powered by St. Augustine Team Realty (Sean Hess, PA)

When St. Augustine Team Realty opened in 2009, I as the broker started sponsoring Strackacobra's race team.

The deal was simple: When Strackacobra races out of area, wear Strackacobra colors, but when training in and around St. Augustine, wear the colors and logo of St. Augustine Team Realty.

With the team road training almost constantly, especially during early morning drive time, it's been a massive brand awareness builder for St. Augustine Team Realty. As the broker and co-owner this benefits me. People recognize the logo and always comment about seeing it on the bike.

The sponsorship also allows Strackacobra to continue racing, building brand awareness for the mountain bike themed tees it sells online.

In short, a win-win for both St. Augustine Team Realty, its broker, and Strackacobra.

Strackacobra: Origin of the Name

Mountain bike riders race on off-road trails called "singletrack" (as opposed to the "double track" that makes up most jeep roads or forest fire roads).

"S'track" is a contraction of the word singletrack. I joined it with the name of a World War II aircraft called the "Airacobra," which I always thought was cool.

Thus "Strackacobra" came into being, the Viper of the Singletrack.